What Will You Find at Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center?

Discover a Christian rehab center in Vestal, New York

Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center is a faith-based residential care facility in Vestal, New York serving the Great Binghamton Area that offers recovery for women who are struggling with issues including addiction and abuse. We offer women ages 17 and older a safe, supportive place where they can learn to live a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

Why We Call Them Students, And Not Residents, Clients, or Addicts
Students are disciples. Since our completors become disciples of Jesus Christ, we call them students. However, you can apply even if you are not one if you are willing to consider the teachings and person of Jesus Chris as the spiritual part of your rehabilitation.

You’ll Receive Treatment

Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center offers a compassionate rehabilitation program with family-like care in Vestal, New York for those struggling with life-controlling problems from addictions, drugs, acohol, relationships or emotions. Our staff and volunteers are experienced in the recovery process, and we’re committed to seeing you become physically sound, mentally alert, rightful in living and spiritually alive.

You’ll learn important life skills

As a student at Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center in Vestal, NY, you’ll be taught important life and social skills, including work ethic, job skills, leadership and management skills, and how to deal with failure.

To help complete your education, we offer a GED program along with remedial classes. Additionally, we offer engaging job opportunities at our center, including:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Grounds keeping
  • Full-color printing and bookbinding
  • Graphic arts
  • Office work


Turn from thoughts and others who would snatch defeat from your JAWS of victory

You’ll benefit from a 30-year history

Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center was started in 1985 in our founder’s home. Originally, it was a halfway house for former inmates after their release from prison. Ten years later, we partnered with Teen Challenge, a faith-based organization that focuses on practical applications of Christian teachings for addiction and abuse recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a life-controlling issue such as substance abuse, there is hope! Reach out to Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center at 607-786-3669 to discover a drug treatment center for women located in Vestal, New York.

Our vision for Women in HOPE

Live in our home to find restoration from life-controlling issues such as:

  • Disabling emotions of anxiety and depression
  • Addiction to substances and behaviors to meet needs

Find freedom to live a full life:
  • Physically sound
  • Mentally alert
  • Rightful in living
  • Spiritually alive

Elect to be a life-long student that will:
  • Develop skills and confidence to fulfill a godly purpose
  • Establish bilateral relationships that are trustworthy and godly
  • Increase faith in power and healing from Jesus Christ

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