Four Stages Of Addiction Trap

1. Experimentation (First Uses)
a. Incidental use
b. Relieves emotional pain briefly
c. Use viewed as a good option
d. Control of life activities unaffected

2. Practice (Social Use)
a. Predictable or anticipated use (Problem not seen)
b. Only relieves sharpness of emotional pain that may intensify in sobriety
c. Use viewed as good
d. Control maintained

3. Trap Closes (Daily Use)
a. Preoccupation, daily use (Others see problem)
b. Pain intensifies in sobriety
c. Use viewed as necessary
d. Control lost

4. Delusion (Sobriety Avoided)
a. Chain of use (Others see serious problem)
b. Intense pain in sobriety
c. Use to feel somewhat normal
d. Loss of control denied, blamed on situations and others, delusions

Stage 3 & 4 (Outside Intervention Needed)
Social Results
Alienation, manipulation, user, delusion, victim mentality, blame others, “If only …”
Physical Results
Decline of overall health, liver and mental problems, infectious diseases likely from activities in addiction