General Student Rights & Program Phases

General Student Rights

The constitution of the United States is based on three inalienable basic rights. These are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When the student comes into Candlehouse, it is assumed that she voluntarily gives up her rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness because her pursuit of these led to life controlling problems. Throughout the program, these will be returned to the student as “privileges” which can be revoked for violating the rules or the spirit of HOPE Teen Challenge.

Program Summary

The program has six phases designed to bring the willing student to control of her life under the authority of Jesus Christ. After completing, Candlehouse offers additional phases to further prepare the student to reenter life or ministry.

Phase One: Outreach/Evangelism And Crisis

Phase one is first contact on the street or by phone when in crisis. When the candidate makes a commitment she enters the First Phase. Then is made to do a program.

Phase Two: Pre-Induction

Phase Two may be in a crisis center with beds or home. The student is made safe while preparing to enter a program. The preparation includes medical tests and examinations, detoxifying the body, arranging funding, purchasing transportation and selecting a wardrobe.

Phase Three: Induction

Phase Three is Induction. It is the first six months of the program. During this phase, the Group Studies explain the basics of a personal relationship with God, responsible daily living, and treating others with dignity and respect. Character issues are addressed, job skills are taught and remedial education is provided. One-on-one guidance is available as needed. Personal Christian Studies are also done and allow the student to proceed at her own pace. A teacher assists and reviews the Personal Studies.

Phase Four, Training

Phase four is the training phase that lasts 6 months. This phase allows the student to participate at her own pace with Personal Christian Studies. A teacher assists and reviews the personal studies. Added to this is a work program to prepare the student to resume a normal life.

The student grows in her ability to deal with the adversities and afflictions of life through the power of the Spirit of God. As she nears her completion, the focus adds preparation to r-enter society.

Upon completion of the program a special ceremony recognizes her accomplishments. Her family and friends can be invited to the celebration. A reception following the ceremony will be held in her honor.

Phase Five, Reentry

This is the re-entry phase and lasts 6 months. It allows the student to remain on the campus and participate in the program while receiving special training and/or experiencing controlled work. During this phase she saves money for housing and other expenses for when she r-enters the world. This is a transition back into society during which she can put into practice what she has learned.

We strongly encourage women not to go back to their former environments; rather, we encourage them to begin their new life in Christ in a stable Christian environment in a different location. We are happy to assist women with placement and support.

The student is eligible to graduate from Candlehouse six months after completing Phase. During this time she must continue her relationship with Christ and remain drug, nicotine and alcohol free.

Phase Six, Extended Training

Phase Six is Extended Training that is designed to prepare the student for general ministry or Teen Challenge Ministry. This may last 12 to 24 months. Course material is from the Berean Bible College of the Assemblies of God, which prepares for General or Teen Challenge Ministry. This phase may begin immediately after Completion Ceremony. Certification in Teen Challenge Counseling, Committed to Freedom, Personal Studies will also be available. These certifications are specific to Teen Challenge Ministry.