Marcia Frampton

Marcia Frampton


Our education Director, Marcia Frampton guides the students through the 14 Teen Challenge courses on spiritual life and living skills. She also teaches enhancements and special studies tailored to the needs of each student.

She is available to speak at women's groups and churches about the Hope ministry for women.
One can sponsor a student, support a project or work on a fundraiser. There are opportunities for development and maintenance of the facilities. Also there are opportunities to work with the students. We are a Federal 501(c)(3) under Candlehouse, Inc. a NY exempt corporations. All donations are tax deductible up to 50% of income.

Rev. Richard Mecklenborg

Rev. Richard Mecklenborg

Executive Director

We have an exceptional program and ministry for exceptional women with life controlling problems. Over a six year period 60% of all entrants finish the program. And of these, 95% are without life controlling problems five years or more after completing the program.

My position in industry was a staff scientist with responsibility for new system development and problem solving. A person is not a machine but each has principles for action hidden deep in her heart or subconscious mind These are like engineering principles lying silently on the pages of a manual. As an engineer searches it for approval designs, we help each student search her heart for principles that lead to success and eliminate those that do not.

This process continues while they live life together under the healing experience of divine love from staff and senior students. This has the greatest impact on new students.

We protect the students from outside influence that could injure their progress. Therefore everything needed for the program is on the campus. However we do have supervised outings for service, education and enjoyment.

All this is in a structured environment where a student surrenders her rights. Her rights are restored in steps as privileges.

Life and work skills are taught. These are practiced with each other, in cooking, leadership, service, cleaning, printing, grounds keeping, and more. These give each confidence to do ordinary things with excellence.

Our Home has 14,000 sq. ft. on three acres of grounds. This gives space for everything. The plaster, stone and wood finishings give it a strong yet homey air. In addition there is a 7,000 sq. ft. building used for community activities and to teach hospitality skills.

Lisa's Story

Lisa's Story

Site Director

I don't think I could find the words that could adequately describe the profound way that God has changed my life.

I became a person I never wanted to be, yet able to become all that I am now.

Coming from a ten year addiction that involved homelessness, shame, guilt and jail time, and most of all leaving my children to grow up without a mother. This is the road my addiction traveled on. And it is also the same road God picked me up on and changed the course of my life forever.

My life has truly been a profound example of God's love!

(Lisa completed the program in 2002 and stayed on to work with the students. She is now the Site Director.)