What Can I Do?

What Can I Do?

Eliminate Faulty Beliefs and Create Healthy Ones

Avoid This Tragedy

Avoid This Tragedy

She only found self-medication for easing the pain from her answers to these questions about her beliefs.


Life-controlling problems don’t just happen. They are the result of fundamental human needs not being met in the events of life. Beliefs that cause painful emotions form after these events which should be meeting needs. Beliefs are what keep the event alive. Since what happened in the event is no longer a threat, it should only be emotionless history. However, they come “alive” when triggered by certain words, smells, images, sounds and so forth which associated with the event. The belief that causes the painful emotion can be found in answers to these four fundamental questions.

What do I really believe about myself?
What do I really believe about others?
What do I really believe about my situation?
What do I really believe about God?

Some hurtful answers to these questions are:
Self: I believe I am (garbage) (unlovable) (a failure) (a looser) (insignificant) (always last)…
Others: No one (loves me) (cares about me) (can be trusted) (helps) (thinks about me)…
Situation: Why (is everything hard) (am I poor) (nothing ever works) (bad always happens) …
God: Where was He when (I was abused) (born) (suffering) (crying) (raped) …

Correcting these beliefs cannot be done by education and counseling unless there is also a rich experience that produces sound and productive answers to these questions. If done before a full-blown addiction it may be done in the home. If not a long term residential program is needed. It has a great advantage over just meetings, books, prayer, and so forth. The difficulty out there is getting every hour of every day to have positive experiences in a world that did not meet needs before. This reality is summed up in the expression, “people, places and things”.

Needs can be reduced to two categories Security, which is everything in the outside world or environment, and Significance, which is everything about the inside world or personal value. Security includes things like food, shelter, clothing, water, and safety. Significance is quality like purpose, loveable, desirable, valuable, and trustworthy.